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Item Found: Other

Location: Wisconsin

Metal Detector Used: Specialty Detector (800-0321)

January 14th, 2009


My name is Daniel and I am the manager of Ground View Metal Detectors North. I am responding to the TDI Certification process and am honored to have received, to the best of my knowledge, the first TDI in Wisconsin. Thanks sooo much for providing the unit! I have had a blast learning how to use the TDI!

One experience I had while detecting the waste rock piles at the copper mines in Michigan was a complete loss of detection in the non-discrimination mode. This threw me off for a while as the preproduction owner's manual doesn't mention that the target conductivity switch has to be in all or low to hear targets. After some thinking and experimenting I had it figured out. As soon as I received the first production unit I checked the owner's manual and found that the new instructions did indeed include the necessary switch positions.

Other than that my experiences have been phenomenal! I knew from the start that the ability to distinguish between large and small size targets, and the ground rejection of a Pulse detector was going to be a huge advantage on the mine dumps! The thicker, chunky pieces of copper are usually the best finds as many of them are crystalline and very collectable as well as valuable! The problem is all the small lacy to microcrystalline copper in the rock drives other detectors crazy. With the TDI set to a pulse delay of 25, target conductivity set to High, and ground balance between 3.5 and 5.5 I can breeze right over the small stuff and bring home buckets of the good big stuff!

Most of the mine dumps are pretty remote so I am able to run a steady threshold with the Gain set around 9-10. Any higher and the smaller targets start to come thru. Most of the time I am able to ground balance in the highly mineralized rock on the piles at around 7-7.5 but the smaller targets (flat sheet copper about the size of a pea) will be detected. That's why I run the Ground Balance a little lower, so that I find thumbnail size pieces and larger. Oh and when I use the hip mount option and my coat brushes the balance knob to 1 I found out you detect nothing :).

The TDI has been instrumental in helping achieve my specific copper find goals for the Year. I have always been keenly interested in the copper crystal known as "Hoppered" copper crystals. (Basically looks like a box within a box) I was able to cover a large area in a matter of a couple of hours with the TDI and found some great larger specimens. When the TDI sounded off on a large chunk of Basalt I broke it apart with a rock hammer and there was a wonderful thumb sized hoppered copper specimen.

I believe the whoop I let out is still echoing thru the trees and amongst the rocks of that mine dump! The next goal was to find copper "Chisel Chips". The longer the "chip" the more value it has to collectors. Most times a person is lucky to find a half dozen "chips" in a day. With the TDI I was able to locate 38 "chips" in a 6 hour period! That's amazing! I also found a 6" round 2lb copper specimen down about 2 feet. The area I detected had just been gone over by no less than three other detectors!
At the risk of being a little long winded I achieved one other goal and that was to find some copper silver "half breeds". That goal was reached several times over this year. Almost every trip has yielded a copper specimen with silver coatings and one with beautiful silver crystals!

I attached some pictures of this year's finds so far. The Chisel Chips that are cleaned are from the Cliff Mine, which was recently bull dozed which makes finds a little more common. To prove to myself that this machine will out detect others I detected for 2 hours at the Minnesota Mine in Ontonagon Co. MI. which has been hit heavily by detectors and not bulldozed recently. Not bad at all for such a short time. I have boxes of thumb sized and larger copper specimens not yet cleaned.

As far as questions about the TDI, I really can't think of any. If you'd like to take a trip to copper country I'd be happy to have you or a group of you along, just let me know! (Better wait for warmer weather!)


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