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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: California

Metal Detector Used: Spectra V3i

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Spectra V3i
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October 1st, 2011

White's Electronics,

I live in the Southern California High Desert and have been detecting for a few years now. I originally purchased a Prizm IV and worked great I found a lot of trinkets and coins but never a ring. I'm of the mindset that when I go out to detect I always tell myself "today is the day I will find a ring". Well I kicked it up a notch in 2010 and bought the MXT, so far up until July 11th, 2:00PM PST no ring.

My family and I decided to take a family trip to Jefferson, OR and visit the family on my wife’s side. Of course I brought my detector as I was definitely going to detect on the coast at some point on our trip. My wife’s uncle who has an XLT has found many a ring and coinage and he was my inspiration to buy a White's.

We then decided Tuesday morning to visit the White's Corporate Office and manufacturing facility in Sweet Home, OR which was about 30 minutes away. I decided to bring in my detector and ask the technical support team for some tips and perhaps some suggestions regarding my MXT, I thought my settings were off and was incorrectly setting them making for an ineffective time. I was then determined to apply the suggestions on my next outing - Which happened to be on the way back from the visit.

Uncle Ben and I stopped by a park (Foster Reservoir) and started sweeping the park. We started out on the beach, I then split off from Ben and started sweeping by the bathrooms as I thought "hey, most people when they really gotta go, usually run to the bathroom and if they have jewelry in their pockets, it's going to fly out!" 5 minutes into my sweeps BAM! a strong 62+ VDI @ 0 inches! I thought no way, not on top" Sure enough I moved the coil out of the way and there it was, sitting pretty right at 0 " I picked it up and was happy as pie!

Thanks White's for the tips, you’re staff was friendly and courteous and as always very helpful.


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