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Item Found: Jewelry


Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

December 28th, 2008

 Dear White’s,

Today I got permission to metal detect a home site where the house was built around 1895. The lady who owns this house told me she found an old Wheatie penny in her flower garden at the beginning of the summer. She showed me the penny, it was too corroded to see the date. She told me it would be fine for me to metal detect anywhere on her property, including her flower garden. The flowers were more than a foot tall. I didn’t think I was going to find anything with my DFX armed with a new 300LTD coil.

I was so surprised when I got a really good consistent silver signal. My coil had to have been about 14 inches off the ground as I swung it over the flowers. I pushed the plants to the side to make space so I could try to pinpoint. I got a great signal, very consistent and not very deep into the earth. I dug up what turned out to be a very old silver Indian handmade turquoise thunderbird ring. The ring was about three inches below the surface.

I couldn’t believe any metal detector would pick up something so small swinging the coil so high above the ground. I didn’t want to damage my coil by hitting the plants so I swung it above them. Then I started metal detecting her front lawn. It wasn’t very long before I got another good signal. I cut out a plug six inches deep, and the object was still in the hole. I checked with my White’s Bullseye II and located the coin just under the center of the plug hole.

I found a very nice 1924 S penny. I continued to take my time going over this property. I couldn’t believe how good I was doing. Every step or two, I would get another good signal. I was digging up wheaties, most of them from the 1920's to early 30’s era. In less than two hours I had dug up a total of nine wheaties, none of them warn very much. I don’t know if I can get the green patina off or if I should even try to. I also found one silver dime. The dime is a 1902 Barber. This is the first Barber dime I have ever found.

I found another V nickel a few minutes after uncovering the Barber dime. The V nickel is an 1898 which is the oldest nickel I have found to date, beating the one I found two weeks ago by one year. I also found a Colorado sales tax token and a Denver tramway token on this property today. I was amazed to find two 22 short casings 8” deep as well. These things are really tiny, and yet produced good strong signals. I also found numerous clad coins and a couple of round unfired lead balls for a pistol.

I had a great time today. I just love my DFX with the 300 LTD coil. It's great to know that with the DFX, I am going to find every small coin and piece of jewelry I am walking over. Thank you White’s for making such an outstanding metal detector.



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