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Item Found: Coin

Location: Connecticut

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0319)

October 1st, 2009

Dear White’s Electronics,

My name is Sarah and after years of positive finds with the XLT and the DFX completely confident I recently purchased the Spectra V3.

The V3 is by far the best land hunting metal detector I have ever used. Because of the Analyze screen and the V3’s capabilities on a whole I have been able to pull 6 gold rings both on land and at the beach without any sand interference what so ever. I still can’t believe I pulled 6 gold rings in less than a month.

Using the HI-Pro preset program I have been able to pull old silver coins out of parks that I have hunted for years and even landed an 1837 large cent. The large cent is special in that it’s been cut in half and the reason its special is that the economy in the 1800’s warranted cutting currency and using small portions coins for certain purchases. I consider this one of my most prized finds.

I’ve also been able to pull some old foreign and domestic silver out of the yard from one of our WWII veterans. After talking with the homeowner he had no problem with me hunting his yard and after showing him my finds he is now considering a new hobby.

Along with this silver in that same area I pulled a ring with a V on it. It may not be gold but under the V in Morse code it spells Victory. Putting all the silver together, this ring and after talking to the owner there was quite a bit of partying going on after the war. I pulled the ring last and after wondering why I was not only pulling domestic but foreign silver coins the ring made sense of it all. It all came from the GI that returned home unfortunately his whereabouts are unknown and even though the condition of the ring is less than standard I’m sure it would have brought a smile to his face.

I can’t get enough of this Metal Detector and the new modern ability to pull targets knowing what they may be before I dig them. The Analyze screen can tell me before I dig that I have an Indian Head penny, silver and most importantly gold I can’t say enough about it. Having the ability to flick a switch and be able to dig a coin or gold and know what it is without first pulling it out of the ground is so much fun. No more digging unwanted trash or guessing the V3 has just increased the fun I have with metal detecting 100 times over.

What else can I say but thank you and keep building Metal detectors that I have come to count on and that can outperform any detector on the market. Customer for life…

Sarah in CT

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