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Item Found: Other

Location: Michigan

Metal Detector Used: Other (621-0247)

July 15th, 2008


As a young child I was exposed to metal detecting at a very young age. Every Sunday, my father would take my brother and me to the park after Church, where my father would hunt for treasure and we would play. After time passed, I began to gain an interest in the hobby and before long, I had inherited the detector and spent several years digging trash and finding the occasional coin.

Fast forward to my early years as a father and taking my children to the park, I longed for those days hunting treasure and enjoying my family at the park. For these reasons, December of 1999, I chose the Whites 5900 DI/Pro Metal detector as my Christmas gift. I couldn’t wait for spring! When spring arrived off we went, hunting and seldom digging trash! Smooth solid tones, highly accurate indications produced many targets worth digging and some with higher value than others but most importantly it gave me that family feeling that I had longed for as I hunted for treasure alongside my children like my father and I had, so many years before.

Time passes and the kids grew up it was time to evaluate my detector once again. It had been very good to me and I treated it with great care as I hunted. Its condition was much like the day I had opened it new, cleaning, buffing and storing it safely as instructed each winter. This week in 2008, I understood the real value to buying the White’s name, and just what it meant to the metal detector market.

I decided that it was time for a new Digital readout and some added toys so I started to shop on the used market and was completely blown away by my 5900’s value in today’s market!Watching for a couple of weeks I was amazed that these models were selling for nearly what I paid for mine all of those years ago! I quickly decided that the XLT or DFX was in my future, all I had to do was to sell my 5900 DI/Pro, and little did I know that would be the easiest part of the process!

I placed my old friend, the 5900, on eBay to find a new home, the bids started to roll in almost immediately, before the first hour was up, I had logged 28 watchers and 3 solid bids. By day 3 I had a solid bid for $5 less than I paid for it new, that bears repeating, $5.00 LESS THAN THE DAY I PURCHASED IT ON DAY 3, NOW NINE YEARS LATTER!!. What a value!! Each day of my 7 day auction, I noticed the numbers of watchers increased daily to the point of 42 watchers on the final day of the auction, it enjoyed a high interest which increased thought the auction, when, I am pleased to say, it sold that day for $10 more than I paid for it new!!! I can’t say I have had anything that I purchased in my life which actually improved in value from the day I purchased it like my White’s Metal Detector!

My order for a DFX-300 was placed today as I shipped the old gal to its new owner down state from me, I can’t help but hope that it will go to a family who’s dad is looking for a highly dependable unit to hunt for those magical hidden treasures which peaks the imagination of the youngsters as they dig looking for treasure below the surface, while making the memories of the times together hunting with dad which, little do they know, is the real treasure these detectors found for my family!

Keep up the great work making what I feel is the best value for the money, a Whites Metal Detector.

Thank you!

Kevin L.

In MI  

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