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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Florida

Metal Detector Used: BeachHunter 300

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BeachHunter 300
Ignore junk and detect treasure in and out of the water with this waterproof detector's color-coded target ID.

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December 28th, 2008

White’s Electronics,

White’s has the perfect dealer in Jack Poole, I drove 50 miles to visit with him, because I knew it would be good to get some personal instruction, especially in deciding which detector to buy.

When I was about 12, my brother and I saved up all summer to buy a Jetco Mustang for $39.95. It was a great fun thing to do, and we found treasure, although with that Jetco you couldn't tell a dime from a Volkswagen! Our little sister was always our tag-along, and was pretty good at digging. We knew about the great White's detectors back then in 1971, but as kids just couldn't afford one.

Recently, I began looking for something relaxing to do to get me away from the computer desk (I'm a mechanical engineer), so I decided to try metal detecting, since I'd enjoyed it so much as kid. Only this time, I could afford the White's detector. Being a little impatient, I ordered a Classic 5 ID from the internet, and hit the parks and beaches. In less than 4 weeks, I had a small bucket full of coins, 50 times what we'd ever found with that Jetco - plus I didn't have to cover any Volkswagens back up! Well, I was HOOKED! Since I live near the beach, I decided that I needed an underwater detector; in fact, I decided to go all out and buy the absolute best I could get.

I found Jack Poole's dealership from the White's website, and still being impatient, called him (he even had his cell phone number available) on a Saturday evening. He was going to be out of town on the day I wanted to drive over. But he was so helpful on the phone, plus had the detectors in stock that I wanted to look at, that I was willing to be patient until he got back. My younger sister Sheila had lost her husband in August, so I asked her to ride over to Ft. Walton Beach with me to meet Jack and look at the BeachHunter 300. To my surprise, she was excited about the whole idea of metal detecting again, and decided she might want one too!

Well, we met Jack, his wife Melba, and a treasure-hunting buddy of his that morning. He had a massive collection of finds on display, and we wound up buying two BeachHunter 300's plus long-handled scoops and other accessories (Jack has all the goodies for sale in his dealership). He took the time to go over the operation in detail with Sheila, and got us both so excited that we picked up a couple of wetsuits on the way home so we could get in the surf ASAP!

And that's the long version of how I found this great ring on the very first hunt. Sheila was able to start picking up coins immediately with the BH 300, even though she had never really even operated our old Mustang. And she knows that it's just like Jack said - "it's not IF you will find a ring, but WHEN!" Thanks for building great equipment, and for having PEOPLE like Jack and Melba Poole selling them. You all will certainly hear from us again!


Panama City, FL

P.S. We're going out again this weekend, and I'll try to get a picture of my sister and myself in SERIOUS treasure-hunting mode!  

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