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Item Found: Relic

Location: Virginia

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

March 19th, 2008


I have been a White’s user since I purchased my 6000 Di III back in 1984. I have since moved up to the 6000 Pro series, XLT and now have the wonderful DFX. I have to tell you I read with interest the user reviews on the 'Super 12 coil for the DFX and thought Yeah, right just another additional expense for my hobby.

Well for my birthday last September I asked for the 'Super 12' for my birthday and received it shortly thereafter. I must say that the finds started popping out of the ground as soon as I started using it! I found it amazing and so did my two Treasure hunting buddies. I was searching a Union civil War encampment site that all three of us had investigated many times over the past three years and the finds were amazing. 54 Cal Sharps, 44 Cal Bartholow, 44 Cal Watervliet Arsenal, 44 Cal Elam O. Potter (one with the cartridge still attached), a 54 Cal Sharps \& Hankins complete cartridge, most of a brass spur with the iron rowel attached.

The coins that were found although few are very impressive, 1857 Flying Eagle Cent, and an 1854 silver Three Cent piece. Several canteen pugs have been found and a wonderful clay pipe of a man's head wearing a helmet, this even has different colors used on it, the underlying color is brown, the beard is black, the lips are red, the eyes were colored but did not survive the many years in the soil, and the visor is green. All I can say is it is difficult to search with your friends when you have the best equipment and find the best items every time!

Buttons were also found although most were the worst for condition due to the terrible soil in northern Virginia. The best button I found was a South Carolina State Seal Cuff button. Many Union General Services button have been found as well. The biggest problem with the Whites 'Super 12 coil' is that my Treasure hunting buddies have a hard time believing that they find so few items compared to what I am finding. I keep telling them that I have a secret; I have the best detector made and have the best accessories to go with it; namely the 'Super 12 inch' coil!

Check out a few pictures of some of my finds. Note: these are just since late Sept 2007! What will be found in 2008? I am looking forward to finding out for sure!

Dave in Northern Virginia

PS: Remember; don’t leave it in the ground!

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