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Item Found: Returned

Location: Colorado

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0308)

July 1st, 2013

White's Electronics

Jena was out visiting a friend and while their children played in the local parks playground equipment the ladies watched near the playgrounds edge. Jena, not wanting to leave her child playing on the monkey bars, tossed her hardening gum into the nearby Juniper bush patch. As she did this her beloved yellow gold Tiffany chain mail ring slipped off her finger and followed her gum into the patch of Junipers.

Jena and her friend spent the next several minutes searching the shrubbery for the lost ring with no success. Jena contacted me and we set a date and time to meet at the park for me to search for her ring. Due to previous commitments our only common available time was 8:00 AM Sunday morning.

We met at the prescribed time and we discussed the likely area that the ring was hiding in. I put my 12" spider coil on my V3i and began my search of the knee deep Junipers hoping that the ring hung up in the thick growth. It didn't take long to cover the 20'x20' area that Jena designated as the search area, recovering only a couple of soda cans in the process. Then the real search began, I placed my 4x6 coil onto my MXT and started pushing it into the tangled under growth and wiggled the coil the best that I could, the real pain was trying to get the coil back out of the bushes. After 2 hours of searching that 20'x20 area I still didn't have the ring but I needed to leave due to the previously mentioned prior commitments. So we made arrangements for me to give it one more try Tuesday evening.

Tuesday evening arrived and I was a little better prepared, I had a ring box with several of my found rings for Jena to pick out one that was similar in size and weight to hers. I tied an 18" piece of high visibility string to the ring and had her go through the motions that led to her rings disappearance. After 4-5 tosses the rings average was right in the middle of the previous 20'x20' search area. So I began searching with my V3i equipped with the 4x6 coil but from a different angle than the Sunday's search. I was pulling up foil, hotwheels cars, pieces of can and other trash but still no ring.

After another 1 1/2 hours of searching even I was beginning to give up hope of finding the ring. I had Jena throw the ring a few more times and this time I noticed a bit of a difference, a couple of her tosses were further north and not as far as previous tosses. So I began my search on the northern boundary of our search area and a bit closer to the playground. Within a couple of minutes I had found Jena's ring. Due to this rings construction, chain mail style, it read a 3 on my V3i's meter so pulling every piece of foil was required to find this ring. To say that Jena was happy to see her ring again would be a huge understatement.

Jeff (CO)
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