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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Michigan

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

January 20th, 2008

Dear White’s Electronics,

A friend told me about a possible lost ring at a local park, he stated that he saw several people searching, one with a metal detector, but he never heard anyone cheer like they found what they were looking for. I filed the story away for a couple of months and then one afternoon I had some free time to go check. I had my friend draw me a map of where he saw the crowd looking to make sure I was in the right area.

I didn’t have a lot of hope because I know if I had searched for a lost ring and not found it I would have been back until I got it and who knew, maybe someone just found it laying on the ground and had already picked it up. I had 3 hours to give it a try with my Whites Spectrum XLT. If I failed at least I got out of work early and got a few hours of detecting in on a beautiful day.

I searched a grid pattern over where the map indicated and got just a few pieces of aluminum, whoever was here before didn’t leave anything to chance – they had dug everything and this place was clean! After an hour and a half I had searched the ‘prime’ area and began to expand my search when I started to get some signals. One very questionable signal which I almost skipped turned out to be a 24” Sterling Silver necklace! At least the day was not a total loss at this point.

I was getting very close to being done as I’d extended my search out about 12-15 feet on 3 of the 4 sides and was on the 4th side of the suspected ‘ring zone’ when I got a very clear bottle cap signal that pinpointed at 0.5”. I looked down and could see the outline of a ring on the surface, bingo! I picked up the ring and could not believe what I saw, 29 diamonds in the setting with a quarter carat marquee! The ring appraised at over $2,100 and needless to say my wife is much easier to convince to let me out of the house to go detecting now.

The real twist to the whole story is that when I took it to work to show my friend who gave me the lead, he looked at me and said ‘”You found this at the park?! Let me tell you the whole story now, see, I overheard two guys walking by and one told the other ‘I can’t believe I lost my wedding ring, my wife is going to kill me.’” The lead I was given was for a man’s wedding band! I’m heading back to the park again and hopefully I’ll have another story to share of another great find with a White’s detector soon.

Mark K.  of MI

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