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White’s Treasure Hunting America series features detectorists from across the country discovering spectacular finds and sharing legends of lost treasure.

Now you can get all 13 episodes of White’s Treasure Hunting America collected in a 2-disc DVD set!

Produced for the Outdoor Channel 2, these 13 half-hour TV episodes feature everyday treasure hunters discovering artifacts and rare metals around America. Each episode features two to three detectorists from California to New York. You’ll learn metal detecting tips, the local history of our country, and where to find the best treasure.

  • 13 episodes
  • 2 DVDs
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Episode Information

Treasure Hunting America DVD cover

Episode 1

This episode features Jimmy Sierra, a long time treasure hunter who gave up his day job and went to find several hoards. He now leads treasure hunting teams to England. Episode also features Greg Moscini, who hunts in Golden Gate Park and Lane Rigg who hunts on the beaches in Los Angeles.

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Episode 2

Episode features Vernon Mack of Marysville, California. He combines his hobby of flying planes and metal detecting to scope out new places. He’s also researching new places along the Sierra railroad and the Chinese who built it. Then we’ll feature Jim Roper, a long time detectorist of Medford, Oregon, who has found over 175,000 coins. Finally, we’ll feature Scott Seville of Seattle who hunts the old coal towns for coins.

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Episode 3

Episode features Bob Howard of central California. He gave up his day job at HP to go full time into prospecting. The episode also features Mike Howard of Eureka. He’ll explore the underbrush at Riverside Park in Redding and share some of his unique finds dating back to before the Civil War.

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Episode 4 – Mojave Desert Special

Episode features Pat Keene, grandson of the founder of Keene Engineering. Pat will take us out to the Mojave Desert to hunt for gold using metal detectors and dry-washing. He’ll explain the geography and how to read the land to find gold. Steve Pacard will join Pat to share his story of finding big nuggets on their claim.

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Episode 5

Episode features Gary Edwards, author and treasure hunter. He got into treasure hunting after a near-death car accident. He’ll share about his find of a Spanish Galleon freighter off the California coastline as well as take us to his claim to find over an ounce of gold. Episode will also feature Art Apodaca, a Hispanic treasure hunter who goes after relics in California ghost towns.

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Episode 6 – Lake Havasu Special

Episode features Sue Sallee of Lake Havasu City. She’ll take us out into the Arizona desert to prospect for gold. She’ll show us the collection of large nuggets and meteorites she’s found over the years. Episode will also feature Jeri Markinson, who hunts the shores and waters of Lake Havasu for jewelry and sunglasses left by the tourists. She’ll also share about her gold prospecting and meteorites.

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Episode 7

Episode features Mark Jenkins of Seattle who hunts the beaches for old coins and artifacts with his teenage daughter. He’ll share about getting started at the age of 8 and show his massive collection of finds. Episode will also feature "Digger" Bob, who hunts for gold nuggets in the Sierra foothills and has found caches of gold coins in a watermelon field.  Finally, we’ll visit with Dan Cantral, who will take us to Mt. Tabor, an 1888 Portland-area park that sits on an ancient volcano.

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Episode 8

Episode features Randy Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who’s found a $10,000 1715 Spanish gold coin. He loves to hunt for Civil War relics and use the internet to find new sites. We’ll also feature Phil Foster, whose family owns a coin shop. He got started in metal detecting after he saw someone come into the store with $20 gold pieces found with a metal detector. He now hunts old homesteads and lakes with his 5-year-old son.  Finally, this episode will feature Richard Brooks of Portland, Oregon. He’ll hunt in a large historical Portland park and find silver jewelry.

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Episode 9

Episode features Frank Serroni of Grants Pass, Oregon. He got started metal detecting in the last ten years and has been very lucky in finding caches of coins and gold. He’s passionate about the hobby and has a claim for gold prospecting. His house has been decorated with prospecting paraphernalia, and he bought a dog to join him in prospecting after being confronted by a bear. Episode also features Dennis McDaniels of Eugene, Oregon. He hunts lake beds with his wife and uses the newspaper to find public gathering places where he finds many coins and jewelry. He’ll share his impressive collection of finds from over thirty states.

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Episode 10

Episode features Bob Buttafuso of Centreville, Virginia and his hunting buddies, John Kendrick and John Craig.  They will show off their Civil War relics and hunt a 140 year old winter camp site.

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Episode 11

Episode features Norma Larson, a 73-year-old woman who took up metal detecting after her husband died and has been very successful in finding Colonial and Civil War artifacts. Episode also features Steve Kelly, a New York City native who hunts the city's ancient past.  And finally, episode features Nelson Jecas, who hunts the Atlantic Ocean in search of treasure from wrecked ships.

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Episode 12

Episode features treasure hunting legend Bob Lavoy of Albany, New York.  Bob was the first to discover batows from the French and Indian War on the bottom of Lake George in the 1960s and has been treasure hunting every since. He retired from his day job in 1996 and now hunts full time.  Episode also feature Virginia's Greg Heath, who hunts for Civil War artifacts.

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Episode 13

Episode features Nina, who took up metal detecting after her young son found a $5,000 Confederate States army belt buckle in her backyard. She has had incredible luck in her few years as a treasure hunter, including finding over a dozen Gardner exploding bullets dating back to the Civil War. Episode also features archaeologist and high school teacher David Wilson. David shows off his extensive Civil War artifact collection and takes us to a Confederate old earthen fort to hunt for bullets and grape shot.

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