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The TM 808 Treasuremaster is designed to locate large, deep objects. It’s ready to discover coin caches, treasure chests, and hoards of gold or silver. But it has a practical side, too, and is ideal for detecting septic tanks, tools, equipment, metal pipes, and relics.

Its dual-race track antenna works with adjustable ground balance to reject ground minerals and detect deeper metals. With larger objects, it can even detect up to 20 feet deep. Presets on each control offer hassle-free setup, and your favorite settings are quickly recalled with push-button retuning.

If you’re looking for big finds, this is the best detector to use.


  • Adjustable Ground Balance
  • Complete Versatility
  • Easy to Read Meter
  • Easy Tuning & Setup
  • Powerful Electronics
  • Push-Button Retuning
Introductory Video
  • Adjustable Length: 38" > 19"
  • All Metal Audio: Non-VCO
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 4 - "C"
  • Battery Life: 8-14
  • Disc Audio: Threshold & Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: N/A
  • Standard Coil: Dual Antenna
  • Number of Presets: 1
  • Frequency: 6.59


"C" Cell Battery Holder

"C" Cell Battery Holder


Product Reviews

  • superman
  • 12/21/2015
This detector is the one I would have if you only let me have one!!!.... I have found square nails individual in a field, and rolls of barb wire eight feet down....(Not a treasure you are proud of digging up), but ... just to give you an Idea of it's ability....... carries like a suitcase.......
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