I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hand. I just sat in the middle of the field in awe!


Southern New Jersey


As the summer beach metal detecting season is now coming to an end I am welcoming the fall detecting season of the farm fields as the crops are beginning to be harvested. I drive down the roads of New Jersey I look at the beautiful colonial homes and farms and often wonder – what treasures lie buried just below the surface on the properties? At one farm in particular I noticed the farmer on his tractor plowing and decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and approached him to ask for permission to metal detect the freshly plowed field. Surprisingly he stated that he had seen me in the fields down the road where I have permission from a neighbor and was wondering what I was finding? I told him it was usually older farming items like harness buckles,buttons, occasionally coins and a good amount of metal trash shredded by the plow. With that being said his response was as long as I take the trash and fill the holes I could detect for the next couple of weeks before he seeded again. Awesome! I couldn’t wait to get started and after just a short hunt that evening I scored a few indian head pennies, harness buckles and a few one piece buttons from the early/mid 1800’s – not a bad start!


That Saturday I got up at sunrise to hunt the whole day and arrived at the field armed with my Whites V3i and new 13” DD Ultimate coil. I prefer to use the Stereo Mixed Mode program on the V3i with the wireless headphones when hunting farm fields which allows me to hear the iron in the left side and the desirable targets on the right side. Sensitivity cranked up and ground balanced, I began at one end of the field and began my grid pattern of the field. Dragging my long handle shovel to leave a line in the dirt for thorough coverage I began digging target after target again consisting of coins, buttons and relics. Suddenly the V3i sounded off with a VDI number showing 85 and I thought – this could be good! Buried just a few inches below the surface a large copper coin appeared which I did not recognized… but it was dated 1781 and was very cool looking and in decent condition. Now things are getting interesting and again the targets began coming out of the ground as I hunted. By now I had a pouch full of indian head pennies which have a VDI# in the 49-50 range as well as an 1865 2-cent piece, handful of colonial buttons and other relics. Then the silver coins began to appear with an 1835 Bust half dime, 1852 Seated half dime and 1901 Barber dime! Wow! Can it get any better??? I would find out the next day!


Returning Sunday morning refreshed and batteries charged up I picked up where I left off with the grid pattern and began the search for more awesome pieces of history. As I began the usual items as the day before I received the familiar 49-50 VDI# on the display screen of the V3i and said to myself, “Looks like another indian head penny.” With a depth of 5-6” I dug my shovel in the ground and scooped the freshly plowed dirt from the hole. Waving the coil over the hole it showed that the target was indeed out and I resorted to my TRX pin-pointer for recovery. As I probed the dirt I suddenly saw a bright gold/orange color disc as the dirt slid off the pile! Whoa!!!! Thats no indian head penny!!!! I seriously didn’t know what to think as I hesitated to touch what I uncovered. I finally came to the realization that this may be a gold coin and carefully picked it up and felt the weight of it immediately. Then I started to see the detail of the design which was lightly caked with dirt that it was in fact a gold coin… a US 1899 Five dollar denomination, OMG!!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hand. I just sat in the middle of the field in awe!


I continued to hunt the area after putting the coin in my car and making a few phone calls in hopes of finding more but I couldn’t wait to get home and called it a day. After a light rinsing with warm water and dabbing with a cotton swab at the same time the beautiful gold coin came to life as the water ran over it. What an incredible day of metal detecting in the field, one I will surely remember and cherish forever!

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