You just never know what’s going to pop out of the ground


Southern New Jersey

I metal detect on a lot of WWII military camps, its some of my favorite stuff to find. So I returned to a spot that has produced a lot of really great WWII relics in the past, and I figured I might go back and see if I can scrape up a few more.


We had just had a really good rain so the conditions were prime. The first field I went to I had beaten over time. Still you never know, first solid target I got was a small buckle – it was horse tack, but it was a good sign. I pulled several pennies, but then WHAM a beautiful silver military religious pendant!


I began to notice a pattern with my targets. So I followed the edge of the side walk where my decent targets were coming up, when I got a clean 46 on the VDI but I almost didn’t dig it due to the fact that its always, and I do mean ALWAYS, a shell casing. I dug it anyways flipped the plug and there it was staring right at me my first piece of gold in the form of a 14K gold wedding band! I was at a loss for words i was in disbelief – I was scraping at it because i found a few plated rings in the past.


I stayed in the field a while longer, but after that ring it seemed to have gone cold, so much like fishing if the fish aren’t biting change up spots and try something new. I went to a soft ball field that has always produced for me. It started off strong scoring a Rosie, buckles, fired bullets, buttons, and even a key spill! Then something unusual popped out a – French Foreign Legion button from the 1800s and in beautiful shape! Would you know it not 5 feet from that very spot a King Louis Philipe I, 10 Centime!


This was truly an amazing day just an absolute roller coaster through time periods 1800s-post WWII. You just never know what’s going to pop out of the ground. I look at the ground as a cake with many layers. Just instead of cake its history and that cake is getting taller every day!

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