You just never know what you’re going to find. I can’t wait until next weekend…


Rural Connecticut

My alarm clock is blasting, waking me up from a dead sleep just like any other morning. When I look over at the time, 3:30am it says, I immediately remember that it’s Saturday! My body fills with adrenaline in anticipation of the days adventure. For six years now I have been heading out with my hunting partner Dave Wise every weekend in search of Colonial History. Relics, coins and treasure left behind from the settlers of this nations original colonies, we all walk over it everyday and I want to dig it up!

praying to the detecting gods

Today’s hunt starts off like any other, we drive an hour and twenty minutes to get to the area we researched. We hike another 2 miles deep into the woods in hopes of finding a cellar hole or a small foot print from a cabin site as evidence of a colonist’s long lost homestead. Then it appears – a three-sided stone wall, barely visible through the thick over growth. Almost all of these Colonial settlements had barns, and a three-sided stone foundation is proof that one once stood here hundreds of years ago. After a few minutes of surveying the area, I turn on my MXT PRO and start swinging.


First target…a shotgun shell, second target…a shotgun shell (we dig a lot of them at these sites), a half dozen shotgun shells later and I get a signal that reads like all the other shells I dug. When I flip over the plug, I see something different this time. It looks like a coin and it’s old, very old and I can barley make out some lettering. There’s a bust on the other side but I am not familiar with it. What the heck is it and why did it sound like another shotgun shell on the machine? After a few minutes of letting it dry out a pattern on the reverse side becomes more visible and then it strikes me… I’ve seen this pattern before but only in books. Oh my God… I know what it is! It’s not a coin… it’s a token, a very rare token, a 1793 “George Washington Success Token!” I can’t believe I am holding something tied to our 1st Presidents second Inauguration!

gw success token

The thrill of the hunt and the preserving of the history is what makes this such a great hobby. You just never know what you’re going to find. I can’t wait until next weekend…

cellar hole colonial relics

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