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1770’s Spanish Silver 1 Real

Robert Comes September 11, 2019

I bought myself a Spectra V3i as a birthday present late this past August. Many years ago I had a basic White’s Coinmaster and had long wanted to get back into the hobby. Within two weeks my Spectra cut a near 250 year historical swath through my neighborhood. My first impressive find was an 1801 Draped Bust large copper cent nearly 6″ deep. Then an 1864 Indian Head in fine condition at 4″ depth. I found a NY Chauffeur’s badge dated 1912, among the first driver’s licences issued in the country. I was really surprised when I found a 1770’s silver Spanish Real (the last digit is worn but they were made between 1772-84) at about 5″ depth. This coin was minted in Mexico City but I found it walking distance from my home on the bays of Eastern Long Island, NY. The Specta V3i is a fine machine right out of the box with factory presets. The high trash mode does not sacrifice discrimination as I have later gone over the same areas in Coin & Relic Mode. As I learn to fine tune this machine I am sure to find new incredible discoveries. I look forward to getting outside as much as possible and on the path to discoveries. Thank you.

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