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18K Gold Charm

Melchert November 1, 2014

A couple of months ago, my husband took our 3 year old grandson to a local park. I'd thought I'd take a ride over and see what they were doing. When my grandson saw me, he ran up and asked, "Grandma, can we do some dirt digging"? He knows our gear is always in the trunk of my car. I wasn't holding much hope for finding anything because I'd been over that area a few time with little to show for it. But to my surprise, after just a few minutes, I got a strong signal. 6" down in the mulch was something glittering in the sunlight. I was shocked to pull out this 18K gold elephant charm. My 1st gold find!! I love my Coinmaster GT and my TRX. They make for a lethal hunting combination.

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