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1916D? Mercury

Arbic May 1, 2015

I've been looking for the elusive 1916D key date mercury dime for some time now. I got close a couple of times, with two 1916 Barber dimes and a 1917d mercury dime. But not until yesterday did I hit the right dime in the right year. Searching in the "hunted out park", is the best place to find them, that I know of. So off I went with my GoPro 3 silver on my head and right away I started digging wheat back pennies from the early teens. The fourth coin I dug was a 1916 mercury, but as much as I tried, I could not make out a mint mark on it. My heart sunk, but the thrill of just finding it was priceless. I was using a modified magic pro program on my V3i. This machine is outstanding. I also found a no date buffalo, a great civil war/indian war Hortsman coat button, 1905 Indian head penny, and a war nickel. All around a thrilling week at the park. White's just gave this 2010 machine a tune-up and I've been finding tons of deep coins since. Here's a link to my Youtube video clip, of the 1916 dime dig. Go get you some!

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