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1947 Class Ring

Tim Martin June 2, 2017

Im disabled and always in Chronic pain so I dont get out much any more. I have a V3i I got 6 years ago but really hadnt used it much at all because of always hurting. Well now I moved to Oregon and wanted to try it again so I found which box had the V3i and after charging the battery I went to my kids back yard while the grand babies slept to see if I could still swing it. I put it on a custom program that I had created from stuff I had learned from guys on the Whites forum 6 years ago and within seconds I had my first target… an 85 VDI at 2.5″ so I slowly got down and dug up the quarter I knew it was and started swinging again. Second target was a 19 VDI but was not consistent and took a while to pin point it at 9″ down. I was going to pass thinking it was foil but at 9″ and remembering what the moderator FOX said all those years ago… Dig all foil targets to get gold. Still thinking it was foil I got out the Lesche digger and started at it, It took a while because my joints hurt but after I got the plug dug down what I figured was 9″ I got it pulled out and put the Garrett’s pro pointer into the hole and got…nothing. I was about to put the plug back in when I ran the pin pointer over it and got a screaming tone. Brushed off some of the dirt on the bottom and saw gold staring at me. I could not believe that after not being able to use my detector do to my being disabled that the first time out in the back yard and 2nd target to boot, I found a 1947 womans class ring. I would love to find the owner and give it back after 70 years but it has no marking of what high school or any other information to go on.

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