Item Found:




Metal Detector Used:


236 Civil War bullets from one hole.

Cross November 1, 2014

I went to a field that has been hunted for 40 years. it's been good to me and several other relic hunters but to tell you the truth it's been getting hard to find a few relics there any more. I wandered around for a couple of hours with only one percussion cap to show for it. I decided to go in the next field over that has never been known for Civil War finds but musket balls and a few old coins have turned up there over the years. When I got there I was digging a few buckshot and shotgun brass when, BAM! – a great hit reading 84 VDI on the White's DFX screen and deep. I dug down and got a 54 cal Sharps bullets at 10"~ Hmmm, that was an awful good response for one little ol' bullet I thought so I swung over the hole again- BAM! Well 236 Civil War Sharp bullets and hours later, after digging to a depth of 34" into a water filled soupy mess, I called it quits after running out of responses with the White's DFX.

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