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2nd day with new hobby

Ryan Giberson March 3, 2017

i decided to take up a new hobby after some research i went down to a local metal detecting store. LACEY METAL DETECTORS in Bayville NJ, the owners bob and sandy where very polite and knowledgeable. i had told them i would be hunting for relics mostly and since i was new to the hobby didn’t want to dump a bunch of money into it. i ended up making a purchase and got a whites treasure master. i did some research of the history of a local town and had a couple spots i wanted to try. so on my first day tryn to get use to the machine and get the feel for it i ended up digging a bunch of trash and wasn’t sure if the hobby was for me but by the end of the day digging up an old 1902 indian head penny i was a bit relieved knowing i was using the machine properly. on my second day every using a metal detector i came across an area which seemed like a good place to try. i ended up with this by the end of the day 14 wheat pennies oldest being 1918 a one cent piece from 1853. 6 barber dimes oldest was 1898. a 1926 standing liberty. 2 seated liberties 1854,1856 a 1909 v nickel and a 1917 walking liberty i was amazed.

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