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2nd trip, what a blast

Raymond Renirie September 13, 2016

First excuse me for my english, as a dutch custum, we speak it well, but writing is somerhing different.
As a fresh newbie in the world of metal detecting. The first thing is, wich metal detector is great for beginning. Lots of \\\”good\\\” advice on facebook and forums.
I came across the whites website and started to google for more information. After a few day\\\’s i still was thinking about the treasuremaster. With my girlfriend we decided we take no change of buying a second hand. So it became the treasure master.
First day we started off with lot\\\’s of coins in our neighbourhood (dunes and forrest surroundings) and a silver biedemeier spoon from around 1850. What a start.
While we life allmost on the beach and summer, we still decided to go back for older coins and relics.
After a lot of \\\”trash\\\” because we are still digging on a lot off hits, just because we want to learn the machine and get the feeling of it. I got a realy clear beep, short but steady. In the range of gold, wich also can be foil to nickel to pulltab. Still the sound was really telling us.. Dig here.
To our supprice, it looked like a ring, and it was.
It looked like silver, it wasn\\\’t. It was 14ct white gold
We were stunned. 2\\\’nd trip and find something so value.
In a erea i know for sure more detectors has gone over the path we took.
We are so happy we choose your product. We allready love it
Greetings from Ray and Wendy from holland – The Hague

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