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New Mexico

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9 Year old finds meteorites with GMT!

Dean & Zaya June 23, 2010

Dear White’s Electronics, Zaya’s adventure started with a phone call to me on Tuesday afternoon. He called and asked if we could possibly go on a hunt for meteorites on Sat. We had not been out on a hunt together for quite some time and of course my answer to him was “absolutely” our hunt started out late that morning after the alarm failed to go off at 5:00am! We finally hit the road at 9:00 and headed for some fuel for our bodies before our adventure. Zaya’s choice was Sonic for some french toast and a cup of coffee. We hit the road again at 9:30 and arrived at 10:30. Once we arrived we geared up and I hunted for about an hour with no luck. It was Zaya’s turn next. He grabbed the GMT, turned it on, balanced it and adjusted the headphones as I sat down for a rest and a snack. I kid you not a minute later Zaya yells “I got a signal!” I walk over to where he is at just in time to see him swiping at the ground with his foot! I can see the meteorite in the dirt but Zaya has not seen it yet. He runs the GMT over the area again and the detector screams “zip zip! zip zip!!” He moves the coil away and sees the meteorite in the dirt. He sets down the GMT. As he reaches over to pick it up, I can see the smile on his face start to grow! As he is grinning and looking at his find the meteorite dance soon follows!! ”Awesome!!” he yells as I tell him it might be a pallasite. Zaya is at this point a very very happy meteorite hunter!! Folks, let me tell you…. this is absolutely what it is all about!!! I will remember this day as long as I live and I am positive Zaya will as well. Good memories, a beautiful day in the mountains and of course the time spent with my grandson Zaya the adventurer and meteorite hunter! Oh and I almost forgot, his find is a pallasite and Zaya is elated with the news once again yelling “awesome” has he looks at his find through the loupe. Hello from New Mexico! My name is Dean and I am sending you this story about my 9 year old grandson Isaiah (Zaya). Zaya has been hunting with me since he was 5 years old!! He has started this hobby using my GMT detector I purchased from White’s. Since he was 5 he has literally handled and hunted with it! By the time he turned 8 he was a pro with the GMT. He has learned the ease of operation and also handles the weight of it with ease. We hunt iron meteorites here in New Mexico. When he was 8 he found his first siderite meteorite! This year at 9 years old he found his first rare pallasite meteorite which has made under 4% off the worlds falls! A great feat for anyone let alone a 9 year old! I own other metal detectors to include a $3000 unit but we use the GMT 98% off the time. Zaya cannot operate the other machines due to the difficulty of operation. Now when we hunt he grabs the GMT and hunts on his own. I will eventually purchase a White’s for him to also hunt the parks which he asks about so often. Attached are some photos of Zaya and our adventures with the White’s over the last couple of years! Thank you Dean and Zaya the Z-man from new Mexico

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