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MX Sport

+95 VDI Pays Off

David Snode October 4, 2019

I decided to take a day and go detect a new to me beach here in SW Idaho. This beach is huge so I was just checking within about three feet of the water. Not a huge amount of signals or trash, so I was digging everything. The MX Sport is an amazingly deep seeker. So I get a +95 VDI, which all my White’s detectors tell me is a dollar. In reality that signal has always, Always, ALWAYS been trash. I rarely ever dig it. So I start scooping sand. And scooping sand. Deeper and deeper. Where is that signal? Oh, it’s out of the hole. Scoop that pile of sand and swish it in the water. There’s a glint of silver, probably a big chunk of aluminum. NO WAY! IT’S A 1926 SILVER PEACE DOLLAR! WooHoo. My first silver dollar ever after over 10 years of metal detecting. Somewhere between 8″ and 10″ deep. What in the world is that coin doing on this beach? No reason it should be here, but it makes me ecstatic!

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