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A Satisfying Moment In Detecting

Tony Scarangelli April 17, 2017

While out metal detecting in the woods recently, I found a classic Samsung flip phone in a belt clip case. It was wet and condensation was under the glass. With nothing to lose, I let it dry out and attempted to charge it. After a couple days it showed signs of life.
I managed to pull a couple phone numbers out of the contacts list including one called “home”. Turns out the owner lost it 8-10 years ago. The owner said he was hunting when he lost it. He was interested in getting it back and I met him at lunch time and returned his phone. His name is John, from the Barnegat NJ area and the golden doodle in the wallpaper pic of his phone is Amber. Amber is still alive and doing well ! The phone he has today is another Samsung and he continues to hunt the same woods every year. He told me he also lost a hearing aid at the same time, but I didn’t find that…lol.
I asked him why hunters have orange hats, jackets and vests, but carry camouflage cell phone cases…he just chuckled and said hmmm……

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