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All That Glitters

Randy October 26, 2017

Here in Manitoba Canada we have a park named Birds Hill Park with a very large swimming area which gets drained every fall. After our long weekend which was the first week of September, I was told that the draining of the water area had commenced. So grabbing my MXT I decided to head down and see what items I could find. Within a half hour I received a nice signal and as I flipped over the sand with my shovel I got a glimpse of gold. It was a Men’s ring with a green stone. However upon closer inspection the color seemed off as it was a very yellow gold color. I could not see any markings and thought that it may not be gold but plated. When I returned home I got my jewelers loop out to have a better look. Well just on the very edge of the back loop part I could make out the stamp of 22K. Oh and the green stone in the ring was a 2 carat natural Emerald. Once again White’s thank you for making this find possible.

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