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Always wanted to find a silver dollar

Blaise Treinen December 18, 2017

I was a small boy in the ’70s when my dad was talking with a friend about detecting with a White’s Coinmaster, I think. The friend had found many coins and relics, but I remember him talking about silver dollars and jars of old coins. I have imagined many times, since then, the thrill of finding a silver dollar. I had a few experiences detecting when I was a teen, but didn’t get my own “real” metal detector until the late 1990s. My White’s Eagle Spectrum gave me many hours of fun, treasure hunting. I found lots of coins, some dating as far back as the mid 1800s. Lots of interesting relics too! The machine was slowly paying itself off. I joined an online MD forum in 2017, and got a little more serious, and a lot better at using my Spectrum. Still dreaming of finding an elusive silver dollar, I joked with an interested fellow, that my detector once indicated “dollar”, and it turned out to be 4 quarters stacked together. I told him I thought that day was going to be my lucky day. We laughed, and he went on his way, as I got back to detecting the open school field I was searching. Not five minutes later, I got a solid “dollar” signal again. Five inches down. I chuckled to my self, but thought of my longtime dream, and again thought to myself “maybe TODAY is my lucky day!” I cut a plug, pulled it up, and saw nothing. I used my handheld pinpointer, and got a full strength signal in the bottom of the hole. I reached down, and brushed some dirt aside, and found myself staring at the biggest slab of silver I ever saw in the dirt! Not very familiar with large silver coins, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at yet. Carefully, I pried it up, and took a close look. Wow! What a beautiful piece! And it IS a SILVER DOLLAR! 1923! The find I have been hoping for, for most of my life! Very pretty, quite heavy, and in really good shape, too! After researching at home, I learned it was a “Peace” dollar; made to commemorate peace time, after WWI. I now cherish the find, as my favorite moment in many years of treasure hunting joy! So many other great finds, but this is my all time favorite.
Thank You, White’s!

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