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Awesome Day at Thompson Park~4 Big Silvers in 1-Hole !

smyda November 2, 2013

I was detecting with my Classic SL III, I went down to a local park, which is in Ohio, only 3 miles from home, I detected this park from 1975-present date, I was in the woods of this park, this park is 100 acres: 25 acres of land & 75 acres of woods, I started in the woods,about 11:00AM, nothing there then finding some bullets, round balls and related junk. It was cold, in April 13, the 3rd time at this park, I found my first coin that day a memorial cent underneath this rock formation, I detect further up this path where following this trail up to old pavillion, which was built 1920, I was digging more can tops, they was everywhere ! It was dusk about 5:00PM, I heard a loud signal, dug 2" down, and turned up a barber half-1894-S, about 1" from that coin was a walking half-1920, right beside that half , was another barber half-1901, and then I was going to take a break, cause I didnt find anything with my pinpointer, I stood up and scan ole`classic III over than hole, just to than left of the hole , found another barber half-1896-O I was shakin ,4 halfs in one hole in a 6" circle ! That's why I have a white's detector, I have 3 White's-Coinmaster 6 D/B, Classic III, and Classic SL III, that was another awesome day at the park !

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