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Surfmaster Dual Field

Best Hunt of the Year.

George July 25, 2017

After one of the biggest storms of the year this past winter I headed to my local beaches with my White’s PI detector. The first beach I hunted yielded several coins and a silver bracelet but no gold so I drove to another location about 3 miles down the coast.
When I got there I was excited to see a massive cut in the sand where the high surf had temporarily washed away tons of sand leaving a vertical wall 10 feet high in some areas. Beneath this cut was lots of black sand and sure enough, thick with targets in every direction.
After perhaps an hour of hunting I spied a couple of coins laying exposed on top of the sand. As I went to pick them up I got a coin-sized signal next to them and quickly scooped out a thin, gold, monogrammed medallion. The very next target about 4 feet from that spot I uncovered another gold medallion, this one bigger and heavier. As I lifted it up out of the wet sand I saw that it was connected to a thick, gleaming, gold chain. As I pulled up the gold chain it created a small trench in the black sand and 2 feet of heavy gold chain later I had 26 grams of 14K yellow gold in the palm of my hand! I haven’t found many gold chains in my years of metal detecting and those moments have always felt surreal and wonderful.
A little later I found a small 18K yellow gold sapphire ring and the gold “hat trick” was complete. I bumped into a friend with his White’s Dual Field and he was also having a great hunt with 3 small gold rings and a small gold chain that was wrapped around a tent stake when he found it!
It’s not often enough that the conditions allow for these types of epic hunts but when they do, my White’s beach detectors are charged and ready to go.

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