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Class Ring Returned after 60 Years

Greg Dembouski July 25, 2017

I was detecting out in the water with the White’s MX Sport July 16th and found four rings, coins and other interesting items but one ring stood out…a Waseca High School girls class ring from 1958 with initials B L. My wife jumped on her tablet and was able to pull up the year book from that class and found only one student had those initials. We knew her maiden name so I found a phone listing with that last name and made a call and by pure chance ended up talking to her brother who gave the owners information! Here are the pictures and the story clip that was run on our local TV station:
A former Waseca High School alumni is reunited with her class ring 60 years after it had gone missing.
Barb (Lechner) Crumb lost her class ring while swimming in Waseca’s Clear Lake back in 1957. Even after an hours-long search, it was nowhere to be found…that is until yesterday when a complete stranger came to her door.
Greg and Shelly Dembouski, recently found the ring with Barb’s initials from the class of 1958.
Dembouski was able to track Crumb down through school archives and family members. They then drove to Freeborn yesterday, where Crumb currently lives, in order to return the ring to her.
Crumb, who’s now nearly 77-years-old, says she’s so grateful to be reunited with her ring, and can’t thank the Dembouski’s enough.

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