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Matthew Stannard September 10, 2018

When I started metal detecting 10 years ago I had no idea how fun and addicting it would turn out to be. When I began detecting I started with a cheaper low end detector. I Made some decent finds including a silver coin here and there. After sometime I realized I would need a better detector if I was to continue detecting. I contacted a local whites dealer and went over to his shop to see what he had to offer. He had been detecting for quite some time and I was amazed at what he had found in his career as a detectorist. He asked me my budget and what type of detecting i was interested in. I left his shop with a Whites M6 and was eager to see what would turn up. I returned to some of the spots that I had thought I had hunted out. I was amazed at the tones that it was picking up that the other hadn’t. I was discovering much deeper and older coins on almost every site I had already visited. After sometime I really had the feel of the machine. I was digging less garbage and could tell a coin from a can pretty consistently. 10 years later and my machine is running as strong as day 1. Pictured are some of my favorite/best coins that I’ve found in 10 years. This is a small fraction of the coins that I’ve been able to find thanks to Whites. Shortly after writing this story I dug my first Barber half and a capped half dime!

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