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Colonial attlesnake Patriots Button

Garl Lovings September 10, 2018

Two days before our country’s 242nd birthday, I took my MX Sport with a 13 inch Ultra Detech coil I bought a year ago from Whites out on a hunt to a very old brick colonial style home that I just recently gained permission to detect. The home has only been vacant for 3 years. The weekend before, I had found a 1865 – 2 cent piece and a 1907 V-nickel so I knew it had potential. I just didn’t realize at the time what the screen would reveal!
I got a signal at about 5 inches deep giving off a 35 VDI. I knew it wasn’t a pop tab because it was too deep. I dug it up and Wow. I recovered a button that had a snake coiled up on the front. I didn’t realize the significance of it until I researched it.
I found out that it is called a patriot’s button, made around 1775 to 1815. They were Masonic in design, and worn in defiance of the British. To be caught wearing it at the time would be treason, with the sentence of death. It represents the phrase “Don’t tread on me”. The tail has 13 rattler buttons which Represents the 13 original colonies. This style of button is extremely rare. It is an item that I didn’t even knew existed, and it will be tough for me to match in the years to come!

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