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DFX finds 1876 Canadian Large Cent

Tab M. June 1, 2009

Hi, During a vacation I made some rounds to visit some of the fine folks on the White’s Metal Detecting forum. The forum knows me by the name GroundSnooper. This trip took me to Scranton Pa, Boston Mass, and Ontario Canada. Far and above was my find that I made in fellow detectorist Judy’s hay field in Ontario Canada. We had been hunting all morning in a nearby field she had permission for and some of the finds were musket balls and and assortment of things, spoons, buttons (Navy 1812 vintage by Judy). Later in the day I managed to find with my DFX my oldest find to date. It was a Canadian Large Cent keydate of 1876. It had vdi’ed at around 50 and was about 4 inches deep right out her window in her hayfield. I was using a modified version of the beach and jewelry program. Prior to this my oldest coin was an 1893 Indian Head penny. Some Mercury dimes and about a dozen rings many of them silver were some other real plus finds over the last 2 years. My first detector was a Spectrum XLT that my wife uses and found some of the Musket balls with! Just wanted to say Whites is the best detector available and the service is next to none! Thanks Whites!

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