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DFX finds meteorite stone!

Marcus May 1, 2011

Hi White’s, Here is my non-antique most amazing find with the DFX. It is a meteorite stone dia. 58mm weight 158 grams found in 2008. It is stone-iron meteorite. The DFX gave me a very strange signal… something like ‘hmmmm’ not an usual iron signal. I was curious what it was and I started to dig. It was about 3-4 inches deep. I still remember how confused I was. I swung the coil again and the DFX says ‘hmmmmm’ again. Wow! Once I got home I tried to put a magnet near and they pulled each other. I imagine this is something that fell from space a few billion years ago… My 2000 year old antique finds are so small and trivial compared to this find. Pay attention when hunting with the DFX- Anything can pop up!!! Marcus from the White’s forum

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