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Every gold find is like the first

Tom March 1, 2010

Dear White’s, I have been using your metal detectors for about 10-12 years from the first day I got my hands on an old Coinmaster and found nothing but fishing weights at a local dried up lake. I got my very first DFX which was around May 2002 which I used for around 4 years before selling it. I started using it on my newly built home, over the years I got my hands and feet wet in the hobby by finding the usual clad and miscellaneous. I found my first gold ring in the summer of 2003 on a Galveston area beach. It was a little girls ring that had been broken like 6-7 times and repaired just as many times. It has an aquamarine gemstone in it. This find is like my first gold coin, being sentimental. I have kept this ring for many years. I have since moved to the country and currently when time permits I detect on a piece of property that may have encamped part of hoods Texas Brigade. I am still doing research on this one, I do know that I have recovered objects from more modern times, an 1857 large cent, a 44 caliber mini-ball, percussion caps, and a one inch canister shot and many various pieces of pewter cups and lead used to make the mini-balls. I recently went to a local county park in the nearby city of Montgomery, TX with my younger brother Don and my six year old niece Camryn. We began to search around the volleyball pit. I used a grid pattern and was not too surprised to find the sand was very clean of any and all trash and targets. As if hunted out by others, I managed to find a nickel in the middle of the pit. I did find a few pennies in one raised spot of sand and continued to meticulously work the pit area and outside area finding a piece of copper pipe, which was completely out of place. As I was getting ready to depart I decided to try the right side of the volleyball pit where the spectator line would be. I got a penny to quarter reading on my Prizm about 4 inches deep. I scooped out the top two inches of soil and sweeping my coil over and finding the target still in the hole. I then placed my probe in the hole and got a strong beep signal then scooping the remaining 2 inches of soil rechecking the hole and finding the target in my scoop I began to sift the soil in the bucket seeing what appeared to be a type of bottle cap rolling in the bottom of the scoop. As more soil was sifted out the familiar shape of a round ring appeared and to my amazement out comes a 14K Gold men’s heavy old wedding band with only 14K in it for identifying marks. After cleaning with my shirt tail the ring more closely I call my brother and niece over to show them my find, and I ask my niece to place the ring on my left ring finger and amazingly it slides all the way into place on my ring finger being exactly my size 9.5.I immediately begin to think that maybe this is some kind of message from the heavenly father that I should think about getting married again and laugh just a little, and have had the ring on my finger ever since. Though I did clean it up a bit with some polish, but have yet to have it weighed and appraised with current gold prices being so high I tend to believe it’s worth at least several hundred dollars. Thank you White’s for making a hobby like this affordable and so very healthy, also would like to thank the company for making some of the best machines I ever have had the pleasure of using. Sincerely thankful and a hunter for life TomAnderson Texas

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