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New Mexico

Metal Detector Used:


Fantastic find from another world!

Joe M. October 7, 2008

Dear White’s, You make fantastic detectors! My friend Brett had been hunting for meteorites with his Fisher Gold Bug, often I would accompany him with my trusty White’s Prizm II. After several attempts and many long hours in the field we had found nothing. His Fisher started to experience a connection problem with the wire connecting to the coil. This caused the Fisher to operate erratically sending false signals. The next day he had the day off and wanted to hit the mountain again, being that I had to work I said, “Take my White’s it’s simple to use and has never given me a problem”. So the next day he took the White’s Prizm II and found a beautiful palicite meteorite valued at $4000.00. Not bad for an entry level White’s. I called my local White’s dealer Dan Heart to tell him the good news he said, “It’s all in the superior electronics and design, White’s is the Best!” Joe M. Santa Fe, New Mexico

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