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Father’s Day find

Matthew Stannard January 23, 2017

I took my dad to an old schoolhouse that was turned into an apartment building. It just so happened it was fathers day and I once lived there with him over 15 years ago. He always showed interest in our finds and promised to go out with us on one our hunts. Prior to him getting there me and my brother buried some lotto tickets, a card and a picture of me and my brother when we were kids. He arrived shortly after us pulled his shirt off and said ” let’s do this” I laughed inside.  He was amped, we reminisced about the times we had there years ago as we pulled can slaw, toy cars and random globs of aluminum and copper. I scanned the plug of where we buried the gifts for him. “Dad this one sounds amazing”. He popped the plug and brushed back the dirt. “Who the heck buries lotto tickets” he said not knowing we had planted them there. Me and my brother are laughing pretty hard at this point. “Happy Father’s day” we say. He scratched the tickets and won 60$. We laughed at the notion that it takes a season of metal detecting to find that much money in clad coins. A couple more plugs, more garbage and some zincolns. Our hunt was looking bleak. A target or two later out popped this WW1 victory medal. We all jumped with joy, we all couldn’t believe it. Im glad we made an amazing recovery on my fathers first outing. I had a great day with my father and I will always remember the time we went to the old schoolhouse.

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