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Finds in my own backyard!

Chris C. September 15, 2008

Hi! Well, I successfully made it out into my yard with my new MXT. It became apparent quickly, on my first try, that the 300 loop the detector came with was just too big and so I picked up the 5.3 coil. Trying again, it was much better at separating out multiple targets. After three hours last night my yard yielded in a 3 by 5′ area: 17 nails 2 Christmas lights 1 Light bulb base 2 Pieces of foil 1 Section of dog chain 1 Gate turnbuckle 32 feet of copper pipe 1 Screw 1 Nut 1 Iron pipe cap 2 Pennies (1 wheat) So not a get rich story but a very happy one because I am very pleased with finding items as deep as 19″ with the 5.3 coil, the ability to switch between prospect and coin modes on the fly (very helpful!) and the exercise I got in. The Bullseye II was also a fun little toy and very handy once I got the feel for it. I am so stiff and sore today, but what a blast! Chris C.

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