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First class ring return

Scott Britton July 25, 2017

Some of you might remember me finding a class ring back in 2012. [IMG][/IMG]This is the ring I found that day. I did some research back then of who it might belong to and contacted her via Facebook. I never got a response back and figured that maybe she just didn’t want it or something like that. I kept the ring in case I ever made contact with her. It has sat in my silver and gold finds box all these years. Fast forward to now. My wife received a message on Facebook that she had just then seen our original message to her from way back in 2012. She asked if I still had the ring to which I responded yes. After some messaging back and forth about the details of the ring we determined that it was definitely hers and set up a place to meet to return the ring to her. I had a softball game down toward where she lives and decided to meet her there before my game. I just cant describe the way her face lit up when I handed her ring back. She teared up and told me a little bit of the history behind it. She said her father had bought the ring for her and she had only had it for 2 weeks when her boyfriend at the time lost it off the necklace that he wore it on. Her father has since passed away and this ring is a small token that reminds her of him. She asked me if I wanted a reward to which I responded the expression on your face is all the reward I need. I asked if it would be all right to share this on my forum and she said absolutely. This is Amy with her long lost ring[IMG][/IMG]I have to say this is truly the most satisfying moment of my metal detecting career!

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