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First day with TreasurePro 2 silver and a buffalo

Dann January 19, 2016

Ordered a new Whites Treasure Pro last Thursday. First new detector, all the others were used. Picked it up at FedEx early this morning. Put it together and hit a local park. Trying to get used to the signals and tones, I didn't expect much. I do like the tones on this detector, but after about an hour I hit a signal that indicated silver, but it was jumping around. Dug it anyway and immediately I saw the wings. A 1942 Mercury, my second silver and all within a week! Scanned the hole and still got a sound, dug more and saw the 1935 buffalo! Scanned the hole again and still another silver signal, a 1952 dime. I wasn't confident when I started digging as this is a very,very trashy park and most signals bounce. Glad I dug this one. Total today: 1 silver 1952 dime, 1 silver 1942 Mercury, 1 Buffalo 1935, 1 nickel 3 dimes 2 quarters 5 pennies sandfisher.

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