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First field test of my MX Sport

Joe Mackey September 10, 2018

Just got my MX Sport this week. I took it out to my test field yesterday. This is a field where there are a lot of deep clad coins with fill and from being turned over. The Sport did well. Finding clad dimes to 9″ and nickels to 8″. Also nailed a quarter at 11″. These are respectable numbers for the first time using a detector.

My Mx Sport is set up with the Pro Star water proof head phones and Detect 13″ coil. I’m running coins and jewelry, Sensitivity of 7, audio mod=off, Discrimination of +10 and below, Disc audio of 20

Today I decided to put the Sport up against the big boys. We went to an extremely hunted out field where you are lucky to get a wheat or a silver every 2nd or 3rd time.

First good target 1906 O Barber dime at 9″. Second good hit was a 1936 D Mercury at 8″ under a bunch of roots. Third good coin was a 1916 S Wheat penny from 7 1/2 inches. Next a 1943 P war nickel from 7″. And the best coin of the day was a squeaker signal that turned out to be a Canadian 1902 at over 8″.

The MX Sport is unbelievably deep running.

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