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First Find for A Second Generation

Mulcahy-Hill August 1, 2015

I celebrated my birthday on July 11 of this year. The big 29 and milestone if there ever was one. About a week earlier my father in law, Rich Mulcahy, had gifted me one of his White's Spectra V3i's after I had expressed interest in getting into detecting. Now Rich is what you would call a die-hard who takes his hunting very seriously. So right off the bat, I know I've got a lot to learn. A few days go by, I read the manual on the detector, absorbing as much information as I can and reflecting after thoughts for better clarification. I headed out that morning with the expectation of finding bottle tops, some loose change, and maybe if I was lucky a keychain or toy car. That was about all I had found, the weather in Oregon is not always the warmest and this morning was no different. I retreated with my rubbish and recycled it to make the beach a better place. Stopping by my younger brother who also has a detector, I convinced him to come back out with me, he hasn't been too eager to go out since he his finding have thus far been in line with mine. We made our way down to the north end of the beach, the south end just wasn't giving anything up on the day after the Fourth of July. We decide to split the beach, I take high, he takes low. We go about for roughly 20 minutes, me hitting the dunes and dry sand high on the beach. I was trying to picture where people might congregate on the beach and saw an outcrop of rocks near a small stream that drained into the ocean. I scanned over the area making several passes in the area. Coming across a rock that looked rather comfortable I made a ring around it. High pitched tone rings out clear as day. I pinpoint it as best I can and it rings up along side the rock. I don't have the greatest gear, but I make due with I have, the V3i definitely tops out as top notch and well made product. I start digging along the side of the rock. Without a pinpointer it's been pretty interesting tracking down and recovering targets, but I sift, feel, prod, and eventually find what I am after. I dig about 3 inches down and see a glimmer of silver in the side wall and reach down and pull out a ring. Now this is my first time EVER detecting so to say the least at this point I am ecstatic to find anything that is round with a hole in the middle of it whether it's silver, gold, platinum, or die cast metal. I pull the ring out and wipe it off with my fingers, unveiling a ribbed band, a man's ring. Inside reads "So Shall I Go" with a date "10-6-02". At this point I am excited, but haven't a clue as to what I am holding in my hand. I look more along the inside of the band, a lesson I have learned from watching detecting videos on Youtube. Pd, wasn't sure what that was so I pulled my phone out and checked it up. Palladium, relative of Platinum, I thought not to bad for a first find! My brother now thoroughly perturbed by my finding something on my first day and him having been at it a month announces "I guess it is the detector that does all the work." I would have to agree with him, the White's product range true and helping me find the ring has got me catching the hunting flu.

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