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First finds with my M6

Joe August 15, 2008

Dear White’s Electronics, I bought a White’s M6 late this Spring, and I am having the time of my life1 I started hunting playgrounds and baseball fields and have found over fifty dollars in coins so far. On July 1, 2008 I got permission to hunt an old school yard that the person told me had been hunted many times in the past. Within the first few minutes of hunting I found an 1890 Indian head penny and a hand full of wheat pennies. I then moved around to the side of the building and got a really great 25-50 cent reading at about 6 inches. Out came this 1943 half dollar!!! For an area that has been hunted so much I only feel it proves that the M6 will find coins that many other detectors miss! I could not have made a better decision purchasing a White’s M6 detector. Thanks, Joe Indiana

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