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Five years with my DFX

Joe March 16, 2009

Dear White’s, I am now into my 5th year with the White’s DFX detector. I have an assortment of different coils, but this past year I decided to devote more time to the trusty 950 stock coil. This was also the year that I actively approached homeowners about the history of this area. When it comes down to it, experience is not just learning to use the detector well; it is learning to make the most out of every outing. Not even a half-mile from my home is this beautiful farmhouse. I was on my way home from work and noticed someone gardening. I pulled into the long drive. I ended up talking with this really nice lady for 15 minutes about the area, and she mentioned that her family had built the home over 150 years ago (ca.1862). We arranged a time for me to return and I headed for home. Strong signals were abundant throughout the yard. What a great time I had! Actually I think the homeowner enjoyed it more than I did. You should have saw her eyes light up when I handed her the large Lewis & Clark Exposition medal and told her that she should keep it as a family heirloom. Here are a few highlights from the hunt. 1911 National Park Service button was my deepest find at 8″ in really soft soil. 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition Medal was 5″ deep between two large oak trees. 1907 Indian Head Penny was 5″ deep.1946D silver Roosevelt dime was 4″ deep. 7 Wheat-ear cents ranging from 1923-1950’s were all between 4-6″ deep. he 1-inch diameter Petal bell was 7″ deep. Floral Buckle was only 3″ deep. Thanks to everyone at White’s for this great detector. Joe in Lake Orion, MI

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