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Found Gold with my BeachHunter ID first time out!

Sal June 1, 2011

Dear White’s, I’ve always wanted a good metal detector. Friday March 4, 2011, I visited Ed at Family Hardware in Cape Coral, FL and purchased my White’s BeachHunter ID 300. I visited Ed because everyone I talked to about metal detecting said to see him. I sure am glad I did. I left his store and went directly to Fort Myers Beach where I tried out my new machine for the first time. I had not yet even read the manual, I just did what he advised me to do. About an hour and a half and quite a few pull tabs later I was elated to see this 6.4 gram, 14k gold wedding band in the bottom of my water scoop. He wasn’t kidding when he told me he had put a good luck “hoo-doo” on my detector. Thanks White’s for such an awesome water detector and thank you Ed for the instruction. Sal (FL)

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