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Gold Class Ring Return

Mark Arbic June 11, 2018

This was an amazing hunt. Actually eyeballed this 20k gold class ring, after construction site was stirred up by dozers. The ring had the ladies first name on the side of the ring, plus her initials on the inside. Then of course, the school name and the year. So I got the website up and was able to search yearbook pictures for the year 1987 and there she was. Hat was the easy part. But when I began searching for her on FB, I found her but she doesn’t use her page much. So I looked at her friends page and messaged her, her husband, her kids, and what seemed to be her best friend (BFF). She said she fined my friend request, thinking I was a stocker or something. But her best friend told her to respond. That night, the same day I found it. She messaged me back and said she was at a basket ball tournament in the neighboring city with her sons college team. She met me at church the next day and I returned it to her less than 24 hours from when it was found. She lost it 26 years ago. The really interesting part was she was thinking about the ring a week before it was found, wondering where and when she would have lost it. Her son said appropriately, “it’s a God thing Mom”. Do ya think? Wow, wha a thrill. Love the classic grin, upon return. Priceless. No financial rewards needed. Wouldn’t trade the moment for money.
Oh, I did go back and snag a few more rings fo fun. Another pictured was 14k with a Safire and 8 diamonds.
My detector buddy said God replace the one I returned with a keeper. What comes around goes around. Too bad you can’t return em all.

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