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Surfmaster Dual Field

Gold in the Surf

George Huber January 2, 2018

The thing I enjoy most about beach hunting is when the surf, temporarily, washes the sand away putting targets within reach of my metal detector. Detecting in the rough surf is not for the faint of heart and one must take proper precautions and have the right equipment. My White’s Dual Field is a great machine for this type of hunting because of its water-proof construction and quick response time.
Here is a video link of a successful hunt while beach erosion is taking place:

Some people like to wait until low tide to start detecting in the wet sand but I like to get started as soon as possible to maximize the coil swinging time and maximize the finds.
In the right conditions you might be lucky enough to see a coin or perhaps a ring rolling down towards the water after a big wave slams into the cut. I once had a half-dollar roll down the slope and fall over right next to me.
Another great thing about hunting in the surf is that after you dig a target, the next wave rinses the sand out of your scoop and covers the hole you just dug!

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