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Great finds on our camping trip

Jim June 1, 2010

White’s, My wife Mary and I left Lake Wales, Florida with 2 other couples in our motor homes heading for Lake Worth, Florida on the Atlantic coast. My wife and I and one of our friends in the group like metal detecting and had brought our detectors. I use a White’s DFX my wife has a White’s MXT and our friend Steve uses a White’s XLT. Steve has well over 20,000 coins and several rings and other jewelry in his last seven years detecting. As we pulled into John Prince County Park I noticed three fields that had young people playing soccer, then the picnic areas with their playgrounds came into sight. I told my wife that our Steve’s eyes must be popping out of his head as he really lives to detect and goes almost every day and we will have them where we are camping. The set up was perfect we could go out early in the mornings and still get back to do the tourist thing with our other friend and our wife’s and this was all within the campground. There were two playgrounds within 200 yards of our camp site “Paradise” for a metal detector. The first morning we decided to do the fields where the kids were playing soccer, no great finds got about $12 in coins but had a great time just being out. The next day it rained all day, so made plans to leave early the next morning for the beach. The beach was deserted and the finds were far and few between and we ended up with about $6. The next day was terrible weather wise rain, bitter cold and high winds and we only got in a couple of hours detecting. The finds were average nothing special about $10. There was a playground across the street that had a sand base we got several coins then when I got under the baby swings I got a VDI of 44 and a low DC reading so I started to pull the sand away and there was what we all hunt for “GOLD” the find turned out to be a 18K 24″ heavy gold chain and medallion. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show my wife. The day turned out to be a great day with a small ring, ring with Dolphins on it and the large gold chain worth several hundred dollars plus over $18 in coins. Well it’s our last morning to detect. We found a complex 7 miles away with 4 football, 3 soccer and 4 ball fields plus picnic and playground areas. I started on the end zone area and by the time I got from there to the end of the sideline I had 24 quarters 8 dimes 4 nickels and 7 pennies. Steve went down the other sideline and found 101 coins, he was using his Garrett Pin-pointer Pro. It was time to go as we had a cookout planned and needed to get back. Really hard to leave those 3 undetected football fields and we will be leaving early in the morning. “SO SAD” Our final take for our camping detecting trip was 830 coins, 4 rings, 2 earrings, 1 bracelet, several tokens, lots of Ronald McDonald pull tabs and the heavy gold chain, plus a great time with family and friends. This is a great area for anyone that’s into detecting with over 52 parks within 15 miles of the campground and endless salt water beach parks with their playgrounds and beaches. Jim

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