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David Mork September 9, 2019

I received a call from my youngest son on a Saturday evening. It seems that one of the men in his Motor Cycle Group had lost a Sterling Silver ring at the rear of their meeting location. The group had just had a day treating abused neglected abandoned children to a day of fun and games. My Son’s friend; Best known as ‘Kink’ had been throwing water balloons at others when his Sterling Silver ring decided to fly away on him! I received verification from the meeting hall management that it was OK to do a search of the area. Not really knowing what was meant by ‘between the trash can and parking lot’ I proceeded to the site the following day and searched for three hours before I located the ring! I know how attached folks are to their jewelry and this ring had that for Kink! I was able to arrange to meet Kink on the following Wednesday evening and returned his ring. There is no better feeling than to return lost items to the proper owners as it is the right thing to do when possible! The Whites DFX has been my go to detector for the past 20 plus years! My thanks to Whites for building the best detectors and providing the very best customer service in the business!

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