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Michel Fleury March 5, 2019

I found these on three separate hunts just before Christmas. I was told that this specific wooded area had been hunted out. I had been there on several occasions with other detectors and found very little. Despite a 2 inch crust of ice and snow on the ground, the MX7 did not disappoint. I used the six shooter coil and the depth I got was impressive. This place is laden with rusty bottle caps and the concentric coil really helped to discriminate them out and lock on the silver coins. The small coil also helped me move the coil in the very dense brush. I\’m planning to get out there again as soon as the ground has thawed.

In the first picture there is a 1940 and 1952 blue nose silver dime as well as a 1925 mercury. I found a few pennies from the 30\’s and 40\’s too. I also found a very deep makeup compact that dates back to the 20\’s or 30\’s.

In the second picture there is a 1942 nickel, a 1953 silver quarter and a 1918 large penny.

In the third picture there is a 1942 and 1949 silver quarter as well as a 1965 silver dime. I also found a few wheat pennies from 1920, 1940 and 1941.

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