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Surfmaster Dual Field

Impossibly lost ring returned

Mike Case September 20, 2018

Today was a great day! I met Tom at the Shady Cove boat ramp at 1:30 pm and we launched down river in his small drift boat. Several days ago he had lost his wedding ring in the river and we were going to try and find it. I had my Whites Surf P.I. Dual Field under water detector, and also my Whites MXT All Pro for possible back up. Drifting a couple miles downstream, we pulled into a small back eddy. It wasn’t deep but there were thick under water weeds and deep mud. Getting out of the boat I started detecting where he thought it would be, and I promptly found a pull tab and a small red fish hook. I detected very slowly, being sure not to miss the signal and step on the ring, which would push it down out of my detector range. The water started getting deeper, along with the mud. I was sinking into the mud over a foot, and was in water up to my waist. About 15 minutes later I got a good signal and used my sand scoop to bring up 2 scoops of mud and weeds, but no target. Using my pulse induction waterproof pinpointer, I located the target at arms length deep in the water and grabbed the mud around the tip of it. When it broke the surface of the water……there was the ring all shiny and beautiful! Tom was so happy I thought he was going to jump right into the river with me! After taking pictures we continued our drift on down to the next boat ramp. We loaded up the boat and drove back to the first ramp and said our goodbyes.

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